Now open : the News section

Well hello and thank you all for your patience!

As we continue to wait for the opening of the Estate's online archive (if you'll excuse us, there is still a long way to go, and we may have to proceed with small incremental updates...) we thought it was time to at least open a News section and share a few interesting Guy Peellaert-related dispatches from around the world, as well as keep you updated on our day-to-day activities, which we expect will be complete with blood, sweat, tears, and the occasional euphoric rush.

The upcoming year is bound to be of particular interest, bringing such events as the long-awaited American reissue of The Adventures of Jodelle (more, a LOT more on that later...) or the major David Bowie retrospective opening at London's Victoria & Albert Museum in the spring—your chance to see the original Diamond Dogs artwork, exhibited  for the very first time and on loan from Mr Bowie's own personal collection, no less.

Some of you may approach the complex Peellaertian puzzle from the Pop Years, from Jodelle's "parodic beauty" to Pravda's iconic swag. Many, of course, will be joining  from the Rock Dreams bandwagon—or Bye Bye, Bye Baby, Bye Bye for the purists—still haunted by the artist's hallucinatory visions and the weight of Nik Cohn's enlightened few words. Others still may have been introduced to Peellaert through the later years, from the twilight of The Big Room to the artist's early digital manipulations at the turn of the Century Dreams.
The truth is there have been many lives to discover, examine and put in perspective, and we hope this section will help slowly reveal the "big picture" of the pop mythology that defined Peellaert's unusual career in the visual arts.

Stay tuned...